If you drive a pickup truck, there might be some things you need to do in the wintertime to keep your truck running smoothly in addition to normal auto maintenance. Try out these winter truck maintenance tips.

Just like cars, trucks need to be serviced throughout the winter to make sure they’re running smoothly, but it’s even more important for trucks, which end up towing and hauling a lot more than cars. Keep up with scheduled oil changes and check your fluids regularly to make sure engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, et cetera are at the appropriate levels.

It’s also important to get your battery tested, since trucks require a lot of power and batteries have a much harder time in the winter. Consider installing snow tires or tire chains, especially on that 4×4 truck you’ll be taking off-road during the winter.

Keep track of your tire pressure and add air when necessary, and keep up with tire maintenance. Pay attention to cracks or bulging in the tires that might indicate you need to get them replaced, and get them rotated, balanced, and aligned. This will keep you safer, make your truck last longer, and get you better fuel economy.

Routine maintenance is vital to safety and longevity, so don’t skip it! Schedule your service today at Knight Automotive!