If you live in Northern New York, you’ve likely experienced the sheer beauty of the Adirondack Mountains, at least from afar. Without argument, the best view is from the top, though. No matter your experience, skill level or age, there’s a trail for you to take. Explore some of our Adirondack hiking tips and get ready for many hiking trips this summer!

  1. Be prepared. Always bring a map, food, water, first aid kit, pocket knife. You truly never know what to expect on a hike, so it’s best to bring commonly needed items for your health and safety.
  2. Spot more wildlife during the daytime. If you’re looking forward to finding furry creatures on your hike, go during the daytime. You could see any number of non-nocturnal animals!
  3. Advanced adventurers should try night hiking. A whole new perspective awaits
  4. As always, follow the “leave no trace” rule of thumb. Leaving the sites as you found them reduces disruption of animals’ natural habitats.
  5. Take advantage of the “100 Mile View“, Prospect Mountain. You won’t believe your eyes, but this is truly one of the most superior views in all of the Empire State.
  6. The sky is the limit. Join the 46ers Club by climbing all 46 peaks throughout the Adirondack Mountains!

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