Planning for the holidays can be overwhelming, especially if a long family road trip is required. Wherever you are driving this holiday season, check out these family road trip tips before you go:


  • Before you go, write out a detailed packing list for every member of your family, catering to their individual needs. Consider what will occupy them on the road.
  • Pack healthy, mood-boosting snacks and lots of fresh water so that you will not be tempted to stop for unhealthy food, which could make you sluggish.
  • Grab some empty plastic bags before you go, and use them as garbage bags during your road trip.
  • If your trip will be paused by a night’s stay at a hotel or elsewhere, consider packing separate, smaller bags for the toiletries and clothes you will use that night.
  • Map out emergency stops along your route – such as rest stops and even possible hospitals – ahead of time, in case they become necessary.
  • Lastly, enjoy the scenery as you go! In addition to simply looking out the window, make a point to stop at any landmarks or sightseeing spots along the way.


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