If you’re looking for a place to cool off this summer, Plattsburgh City Beach is just the place to me. Situated on scenic Lake Champlain, this beach is one of the largest freshwater beaches in America and located near the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, so you can enjoy a dip in the cool, clean water or simply admire the view. While the beach itself does have a concession stand, it’s only natural that you might want to make a day out of it and go to dinner with your family afterwards, or perhaps have a nice lunch beforehand. You’re in luck; there are a number of great restaurants located near the beach.

Gus’s Restaurant: A charming locally-owned diner, Gus’s Restaurant is renowned by residents and out-of-towners alike for the delicious homecooked food, friendly service, and old-school charm. Try the breakfast food! The Michigan Hots are also a popular dish.


McSweeney’s Red Hots: As mentioned above, Michigan Hots are a popular dish in Plattsburgh — a hotdog in a bun topped with a spicy meat sauce. McSweeney’s specializes in this popular local dish, which is a must-try for visitors. There are, of course, additional menu items for those of you looking for something more traditional.


Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro: Another locally-owned restaurant with fantastic, welcoming service and excellent food, Anthony’s offers plenty of varied menu choices, from traditional burgers to healthy menu options, along with a hefty and diverse beer and wine menu. Stop by Anthony’s if you’re looking for a hearty meal in a restaurant with a friendly, comforting atmosphere.


Blue Collar Bistro: Known for its cozy, charming atmosphere, Blue Collar Bistro is a small restaurant with a big menu, and guests are treated with a smile and a piping-hot plate of food. This is known in town as a great place to go for breakfast or lunch, with delicious breakfast food and sandwiches. Blue Collar Bistro even offers vegetarian option.

If you ever find yourself hungry while spending the day at Plattsburgh City Beach, the options above are excellent starting points. However, Plattsburgh has a number of great local restaurants in our downtown area, so make sure you take the time for a casual stroll around town to see the sights. While you’re at it, come see us at Knight Automotive!