The GMC Sierra HD is the latest GMC model to get the All Terrain X trim level upgrade, making the already-hardy GMC Sierra HD pick-up truck an even better option for off-roading and – you guessed it – all terrains.


The new GMC Sierra HD All Terrain X will be powered by an available 6.6-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine, which can get up to 445 horsepower. Plus, the All Terrain X trim level will include with a Z71 off-road suspension, inch wheels designed to handle mud, and an underbody skid plate.


Appearance-wise, the vehicle gets a bit more rugged and has even more black accents. And though the vehicle is bulky, it should still be easy to handle, thanks to a variety of park assist programs, as well as its rear view camera.


We don’t know the price for the vehicle yet, but it’s likely that it will only be a slight increase from its base model, similar to the price increases that the Colorado and Sierra 1500 saw with their All Terrain X trim level versions.


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