GMC has a new advertisement campaign for their Certified Service program, subtly poking fun at themselves, while still pointing out the high standards of dealership service – a reliable method of car maintenance.


In the ad, the GMC Certified Service technicians are shown to be hard workers who are always up for a challenge – even if that challenge includes a jet pack. You can check out the GMC Certified Service ad here, courtesy of YouTube.


It’s cute ads like these that remind people that GMC Certified Service is an excellent option, while also perhaps generating a laugh.


While your local GMC dealership may not be able to fix your jet pack, the trained technicians at dealerships are better prepared to work on GMC models than anyone else.


You can learn more about GMC Certified Service at their website. And of course, if you have any questions about GMC Certified Service, visit us anytime at the Knight Automotive Service Department.