GMC Canyon Virtual Test DriveThe GMC Canyon has already taken the midsize truck segment by storm. That success is partly because you can hardly tell it’s a midsize truck—the Canyon has almost the same amounts of power and performance you’d hope to find in a full-size truck, and much more efficiency. However great the car’s performance numbers, though, it’s currently earning praise for a different part of its design—the interior.

The Canyon was named one of Ward’s 10 Best Interiors for 2015, an award that highlights the vehicles with the best redesigned or new interiors. “There’s an elevation of design and materials in the Canyon’s interior that reflects GMC’s precision in craftsmanship,” says Helen Emsley, executive director, Global GMC Design. Ermsley highlights features like the aluminum trim, USB ports, touchscreen, leather upholstery, and soft-touch materials as things that push the Canyon over the top.

It’s no accident that Ermsley used the word “precision,” either. That’s the name of the new marketing campaign surrounding the whole GMC brand right now—a message that says GMC pays attention to even the smallest details to bring you the best possible vehicle.

When you get a midsize truck with 200 horsepower, excellent towing ratings, and 27 mpg on the highway, it’s easy to see that precision paying off. Come see us at Knight Buick GMC to learn more today.