Electrification in Vehicles

Electrification has become a widespread alternative for drivers with a vested interest in doing their part to help the environment or save money on gas. Buick isn’t a brand to be left behind following major styling updates. The luxury marque is keeping pace, and even surpassing, competitors by introducing a new electric vehicle later this year.

The new Buick electric vehicle will take to the streets of China, the world’s largest automotive market. Buick’s sales there topped one million units in 2016. The brand has sold more than eight million vehicles in the country since 1998.

Buick previously introduced a hybrid-electric LaCrosse and Velite Concept. Now, one of those projects will arrive in full.

The Buick Velite 5 will boast a 1.5-liter engine and electric motor with a liquid-cooled lithium battery. The car will offer a 62-mile range on electricity alone. The extended-range mode, which makes use of the efficient engine, offers a 450-mile range.

General Motors is making good on its promise to release more than 10 efficient vehicles, like plug-in and battery electric models, over the next five years. China’s market for “new energy” vehicles is growing, up 53% in 2016.

We at Knight Automotive can’t wait to see Buick’s new electric vehicle take to the streets!