After all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Cadillac CT6, people have been wondering whether a Buick version would soon follow suit. According to General Motors’ product chief Mark Reuss, a Cadillac CT6-based Buick is possibility but nothing is certain, yet.

When asked about the potential new Buick at the 2015 New York Auto Show, Reuess responded with a simple, “We’re working on that.”

In any case, we’re extremely excited about the possibility of the new Buick as the CT6 is already gaining popularity. The new Buick variant would borrow the CT6’s current Omega platform and rear-wheel drive ability.

Some speculate that if the model were to come to fruition, it would be better based in China since the market for that type of sedan is much larger and more popular.

We’re excited about the future plans for both Cadillac and Buick and would love to see a Cadillac CT6-based Buick come to life! In a comment below, tell us what your thoughts are! Would you like to see a new rear-wheel drive Buick variant, or would you like the idea to stay buried?