There are some very good things about this time of year. First of all, it’s finally beginning to warm up outside once more. Secondly, many of us are getting a welcomed financial boost from our tax returns. If you’re wondering how to spend your tax return in a productive way, consider using it to improve your vehicle, and thus your lifestyle, at Knight Automotive.


Service Your Car


Spring is a great time for cleaning and getting things in order. After handling the harsh winter, your car will thank you for giving it a little maintenance. Bring it by Knight Automotive for an oil change, new tires, a new air filter, or whatever else it may need.


Shop for GM Accessories


Have you been dreaming of a remote starter, a rear spoiler, or a rear seat DVD player for the kids? Now is the perfect time to give your car a like-new feeling with some quality GM accessories.


Make a Down Payment on a New Car


Maybe this spring you’re just ready for a completely fresh start. If that’s the case, come by Knight Automotive and check out our inventory of Buicks and GMCs. A tax return is a perfect excuse to trade in your old, outdated vehicle and upgrade to something new.