While we are still soaking up the final days of summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to prepare your car for winter. Before you know it, the warm days of late summer will turn into the crisp days of fall, followed promptly by snow and ice. Make sure your car is ready for freezing temperatures ahead of time with these tips.

Check your oil. You may want to check your oil’s viscosity (your oil’s thickness or heaviness). Thick oils (heavier viscosity) perform better in the summer, while thinner (lower viscosity) oils do a better job in the cold winter months. Check your owner’s manual to find out which oil viscosity is recommended for your car during winter months.

Check your coolant. Coolant (or antifreeze) keeps your car running at optimal temperatures. In the winter, coolant keeps your engine from freezing. Make sure you have your coolant flushed and refilled according the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check your battery. Cold temperatures take a toll on car batteries. Make sure you test your battery’s ability to hold a charge, and replace it when it no longer holds the charge necessary to start your car. Also clean away any corrosion found around the positive and negative terminals.

Check your tires. The air inside your tires can fluctuate depending on the outside temperature, making it necessary to check your tire pressure regularly. Also check your tires’ tread depth and general condition before heading into the winter months. Over-worn tires can prove deadly in snowy, rainy, and icy conditions. If you don’t have dependable all-season tires, we highly recommend springing for some good snow tires.

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