The fashion world knows the importance of luxury and an elegant design, which is why it comes as no surprise that the industry is setting its sights on GMC’s Denali lineup. GMC recently announced that it is teaming up with fashion designer Michael Bastian to showcase the stylish GMC Denali. Known as the GMC “Sharp” campaign, this new marketing campaign incorporates the world of fashion and art to the high-end, elegant Denali look.

The campaign is the third installment of GMC’s Precision advertising campaign. Whereas the “Fastball” and “Swish” campaigns compared the precision GMC vehicles to sports, “Sharp” will compare the detail and styling of the Yukon Denali to the world of fashion and art.

“I was excited when GMC approached me with this opportunity to explore this concept of ‘sharpness’ and the design parallels between our two worlds,” says Bastian in the release. “As a luxury brand, we understand the necessity for attention to detail and craft in everything we do, much like GMC.”

The Yukon Denali, along with the other vehicles in the Denali brand, possesses some of the most finely-crafted and luxurious features of any vehicle on the market today. A thirty-second TV spot has been created for the campaign, comparing the details that go into the Denali brand to a well-tailored suit.

Keep your eyes peeled for the “Sharp” TV spot and for a luxurious ride that feels as good as it looks, pick up a 2015 Yukon Denali today at Knight Buick GMC!