The GMC lineup is full of premium SUVs. However, the brand’s smallest offering is the Terrain, which is far from being compact. We have learned that a GMC compact crossover could be added to the lineup.

Logical Next Place

Recently, Duncan Aldred, the head of both the Buick and GMC brands, suggested that one may be in the works. He said that adding a new model that was less expensive and smaller than the Terrain was a “logical place” for the GMC brand to go.

“To me, there is more room for SUVs in the GMC stable,” Aldred elaborated. “An obvious place for GMC to be if it expands is that small SUV segment.”


While some GMC fans have speculated about the brand introducing a Jeep Wrangler competitor, this is unlikely. If a compact crossover/SUV did come to GMC, it would likely be much closer to the Buick Encore, the GMC brand’s cousin.

Top-Selling Segment

With small crossovers becoming one of the best-selling segments in the industry, it is no surprise that GMC would want to expand (or shrink down) to include a model this size.

What do you think? Would you love to see a compact GMC crossover on the showroom floor here at Knight Automotive?