There is no denying that gear shifters can take up a lot of space in a vehicle. That is why many automakers are switching to electronic shifters, also called e-shifters or shift-by-wire. These e-shifters often involve turning a knob or pushing a button; however, they are often not very intuitive. That is not the case with the e-shifter in the GMC Terrain.

Consumer Research

GM engineers conducted numerous consumer surveys and tests to decide the best way to design the Terrain’s “electronic precision shift” system. It uses intuitive buttons and toggles for each gear and places them horizontally below the climate controls.

Intuitive Features

To make sure the driver cannot accidentally switch gears while driving, a message “Conditions not correct for shift,” will pop up and the Terrain will shift into neutral. To make sure the driver doesn’t accidentally walk away from the vehicle while it is still in drive, the Terrain will automatically shift into park if the driver opens the door while his or her seat belt is unbuckled.

Want to see how the shifter in the GMC Terrain works for yourself? Stop by for a test drive at Knight Automotive today. We think you will love how easy it is to use.