For 2016, Buick launched an all-new nameplate for their lineup, the Buick Cascada. The convertible, with its sleek design and modern amenities, was designed to reinvigorate the brand and give it more of a youthful appeal. Now, Buick has followed the Cascada’s appearance with the unveiling of the upcoming Cascada ST.

The “ST” in the title stands for “Sport Touring,” which comes with a lot of implications that the new Cascada ST lives up to – such as a more bold and striking appearance, a new body paint color option, and a revised wheel design, just to name a few. Other new features include a new sporty, flat-bottomed steering wheel and the Black Magic interior trim. This new addition to the Cascada’s lineup was made in response to an unexpectedly enthusiastically response from customers for the 2016 model, which surpassed projected sales numbers.

With the introducton of the upcoming Cascada ST, Buick hopes to continue growing those sales numbers while also taking advantage of the standard Cascada’s design. The convertible was engineered to preserve aerodynamics and deliver power and thrills regardless of whether the top was up or down, and the Cascada ST takes advantage of this predisposition toward a thrilling driving experience and adds to it.