Buick vehicles are true works of art. Therefore, it is not that surprising to learn just how much of their designs are inspired by traditional art methods. So when it came to create the next great Buick vehicle, Buick drew inspiration from a talented group of artists.

According to a Buick press release, the Buick Avista interior was inspired by Buick clay sculptors. Transforming what were only 2-dimensional ideas into a 3-dimensional design, the clay sculptors were able to showcase a vision of the Avista’s artistic interior.

“We are really fortunate to work with such a talented team of sculptors,” said Aaron Stich, creative designer for Buick. “They brought the design to life in a way we never could have imagined; it was absolutely inspiring to see how they interpreted what we had done with pen and paper. This is what it’s like in the Buick studio right now, there’s so much energy, and everyone is itching to contribute. It’s fueling the creative renaissance of the brand.”

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