The history of GMC trucks is long and full of notable moments. Check out some of the incredible highlights in the impressive, hundred-year history of GMC trucks:

1902 — Rapid, one of the preceding brands to GMC, sells first truck in Detroit.

1903 — Reliance, another preceding brand, sells its first truck.

1912 — GMC trucks seen bearing the GMC logo for the very first time.

1914 — The first trucks completely designed and manufactured by GMC are introduced in Detroit. These trucks have a capacity of up to two tons.

1916 — GMC trucks enlisted by the United States Army to chase down Pancho Villa all the way to Mexico.

1916 — A GMC truck is used to cross the United States from Seattle to New York in less than 32 days, setting a new national record.

1917-1919 — The United States Army receives over 8,500 trucks from GMC, mostly ambulances and troop carriers, over the course of World War I.

1921 — GMC replaces all oil lamps with electric lights.

1927 — A T-40 two-ton GMC tank trunk, laden with saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean, drives from New York to San Francisco in less than six days.

1937 — GMC light model trucks set aside mechanical brakes in favor of hydraulic brakes.

1941-1945 — GMC produces almost 584,000 “workhorse” trucks for the United States Army during World War II.

1951 — GMC makes over 5,000 trucks fit for service during the Korean War.

1968 — GMC reaches third in total United States truck sales.

1990 — Throttle Body Injection and Carburetors replaced by Electronic Fuel Injection, increasing the efficiency of GMC trucks.

1997 — All commercial truck production moved to Flint, Michigan.

2002 — GMC celebrates 100 years of manufacturing trucks.


Knight Automotive is proud to play its small part in the long history of GMC trucks and hopes 2018 can become the year you become a part of it too!