We can all probably think of something we would like to improve about our driving. Now, with the new OnStar Smart Driver system available in most 2015-17 model year Buicks, you’ll have a tool to help you.

This new opt-in service is available at no additional cost as part of the OnStar Basic Place. This program is designed to help Buick drivers find ways to improve their vehicle’s performance, maximize their fuel efficiency, and help minimize wear and tear.

To enroll in the program, simply sign up online through OnStar. Once you’re enrolled, check on your progress through OnStar. You can see information, such as hard braking, hard accelerations, speed history, mileage, average mpg, and your Smart Driver score. You can even compare your score to aggregate totals from other drivers.

This program could be a good way for parents to ensure their teen drivers are using safe driving habits while parents are not in the car.

Drivers can even sign up for the Insurance Discounts Eligibility portion of the program to see if their driving behaviors qualify for insurance discounts. This program does not share information with insurance companies. Good driving habits could deliver up to 30% savings on car insurance.

To have OnStar, you’re going to need a Buick! Come see us at Knight Automotive to drive one home today.