Regular car maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming, as there are many aspects to your vehicle that need to be kept in shape. Fortunately, you can break it is easier than you might think to breakdown car maintenance by season.

Here are some summer maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  • The summer heat and fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on your tires, so check your tire pressure more frequently than you usually would.
  • Now that it is summertime, are you driving you car more or less? Change your oil accordingly: more often for more, and vice-versa.
  • Considering the hot summer sun, you may want to park in garages, in the shade, or simply under a tree more often, to protect your vehicle’s paint.
  • Lastly, your owner’s manual should indicate how frequently to change your vehicle’s coolant. If this is something you’ve neglected in the past – the summer months are the perfect time to get on track!

For more information on summer car service, check out our road trip prep page, or visit us anytime at Knight Automotive.